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Ellen Bloxsom


Experts For Appraisals of

Residential Contents, Antiques and Decorative Arts

The Appraisal Process
After determining the kind of appraisal you need, you must sign a contract and send in a deposit.
Ellen will make an appointment to see everything you want appraised. She will measure, take photographs, and talk to you about the history of each object. If any of the items have distinguishing marks or signatures, please show them to her. If you have any documents with information about the items, have them ready.
 She will the research the item/items and document her findings. The last thing she does is compile a report to the requirements of the American Society of Appraisers and USPAP.


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Types of Appraisals


Residential Contents

A residential contents appraisal is one that values the personal property inside a home. Examples of these things include sterling silver flatware and silver plated pieces. Some silver plate is more valuable than some sterling silver items.

All furniture is included both antique and contemporary. Contemporary furniture may be extremely valuable. Glass and crystal vases, stemware and everyday drinking glasses can be part of this type of appraisal. Stainless steel flatware and stainless steel serving pieces and even pots and pans could be part of such an appraisal. Porcelain dishes and figures can be a part of the contents. Every day china is part of this appraisal as well.


This kind of appraisal is useful for a divorce settlement, estate, equitable distribution among many heirs, charitable donation or downsizing.



Insurance Coverage

An insurance appraisal may be done for one extremely valuable item or multiple items. If something is stolen or damaged by fire, flood or other type of damage, the insurance company will pay to replace it. Depending upon the type of insurance coverage, the replacement value may be the cost to buy a comparable item or make a new one that is like it.

A professional appraiser can help you determine the right kind of replacement value you will need for your appraisal.



An Estate Appraisal may have everything owned by a person or just the most valuable things appraised. It is most needed after someone dies. This could be a residential contents appraisal. It is useful for charitable donation, estate tax, trust, and probate.

An estate appraisal must be a Fair Market Value appraisal. The IRS definition is "Fair market value is the price at which property would change hands between a willing buyer and a willing seller, neither having to buy or sell, and both having reasonable knowledge of all the relevant facts."



Equitable Division

An equitable division appraisal is useful for dividing things in a divorce or any situation with multiple beneficiaries such as an estate or a person downsizing.

This type of appraisal is a fair market value appraisal.


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